Tips and Tricks for Creating a Luxury Bathroom

There is nothing like a luxury bathroom to make one feel like a million bucks. A luxurious bathroom can act like a spa at home for you if done right. A great bathroom is one that looks great, is a delight to use, and yet is comfortable enough that you don’t feel like you’ll break something if you aren’t careful enough. Since it is a frequented space in any domestic or commercial setting, keeping it in its best shape can be challenging. If you want to upgrade your bathroom’s outlook to give it an oomph factor, here are some tips and tricks to create a luxury bathroom that will provide peace and comfort for a long time.

Borrow Greenery from Outdoors

Any sophisticated bathroom incorporates plants. There are many ways to do this. You can go big and add a glass wall that overlooks your garden if feasible. Or you can build a tree mural in your bathroom with tiles or actual plants for a relaxing vibe. Do not overcrowd your bathroom with plants, either. Keep the plants that require minimum maintenance. Snake and ZZ plants work great in bathrooms owing to their air-purifying quality. Also, they have low light and high humidity tolerance, which makes them thrive in the bathroom and create a spa-like feel.

Lend It Some Artistic Value

Almost all design experts agree that adding artwork can upgrade any bathroom from a utility space to an extension of your home’s design. You can scour online auction sites, visit thrift stores or flea markets, and garage sales. Pick out the art that speaks to you. This could be as simple as framing pressed flowers, a piece of colorful fabric, or your child’s art or even adding a chunky large painting to create a bold statement – and voila! You can add a playful exhibit that will instantly turn a dowdy setting into a more sophisticated one. Also, art pieces can give your bathroom a much-needed pop of color.

Create a Fancy Display with a Storage Tray

You can get a storage tray to showcase an assortment of products that will also upscale the outlook of your bathroom. Depending on your counter space, you can use this tray to style products that will already be on display. You can style soaps on it and add diffusers or scented candles. Dispense your liquid products in glass or ceramic containers.

Use Hand Towels and Hampers to Your Advantage

Buying colorful, patterned hand towels in numbers is a cheap way to improve your bathroom. You can put them on statement hooks, and they will act as part of the décor. Additionally, you can also choose a hamper that is both functional and acts as an accessory. Also, they are available in a number of options, from leather to rattan, and you can choose one that best compliments the design theme of your place.

Layer Lights for a Fancy Look

Transforming your bathroom into a luxurious oasis? Here’s a pro tip: layer those lights! It’s like a magic trick for creating a dreamy space. Mix overhead fixtures, wall sconces, and vanity lights for a spa-like atmosphere. This not only banishes harsh shadows but also lets you set the perfect vibe for relaxation or grooming. It’s the perfect addition to a bathroom that makes it extra cozy and high-end. 

Leverage That Mirror

A mirror in a bathroom is an essential installment. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stick with the builder-grade mirror. Visit your local markets and find a mirror that’s more ornate. It could have metal frames, fancy cuts, gilded ends, or jeweled tones. You can use your mirror to create the most defining look for a bathroom. Add a light to it that’s suitable for getting ready and doing makeup, and you are all set.

Consider the Installation of Printed Wallpaper

According to Julie Massucco Kleiner of Massucco Warner Miller, installing printed wallpaper is a swift and effective method to bring vibrancy to your bathroom. Whether you aim for drama, whimsy, or a more tailored look, the options are limitless. Explore the myriad of available papers to match any mood and effortlessly transform your bathroom into a personalized and visually striking space. However, if you are located in a high-moisture or humid area, avoid installing it on the walls where the wallpaper might come in contact with water.

Add Some Seating Options

Adding a vintage stool or even a chair to your bathroom is a fantastic idea, provided your space permits. However, be mindful not to overcrowd the area. Introducing a piece of furniture adds character, color, and texture, depending on its placement and purpose. Consider placing a small chic upholstered stool near the shower or tub, providing a handy spot for candles, towels, or other essentials. It’s a simple way to infuse personality into your bathroom while ensuring practical functionality.

Keep Harmony with the Overall Theme

When upgrading your bathroom, consider sticking to a consistent design theme throughout your house. Experimenting with various styles can be fun, but it might not look great if your bathroom’s vibe clashes with the rest of your home. For example, going for a sleek, modern look in a house with a cozy, suburban feel can stand out in a not-so-flattering way. Keep things harmonious for a more pleasing and cohesive overall look.

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