How to Design a Timeless Kitchen: Classic Remodel Ideas for Any Home

Kitchens are a vital part of any home. Kitchens are also used for communication, eating, and small gatherings. A comforting kitchen layout can make people feel at ease with its pleasant visuals. This is why choosing the right design for your kitchen is so important. But even if you choose an unsuitable design initially, you can always remodel it with awareness. We have created the perfect kitchen remodeling guide to ensure you don’t repeat any mistakes. Here’s what you can do to get a timeless kitchen remodeling done: 

1- Go for Neutral Colors

Here is the thing: the more neutral your kitchen’s colors are, the more appealing it will be. Instead of going extremely light, like egg white or dark, like brown or blue, go for a neutral color. Any color you choose will directly impact your mental space and moods. For the sake of your family and guests, choose a color that everyone seems to agree on or tolerate. Neutral colors like gray or soft blue could be rewarding in making the kitchen appear clean and organized. 

2- Cabinets Should be Shaker-Style

Known for their square box-like corners, shaker styles have an elegant and convenient design. With traditional and modern kitchen art styles, this design can appeal to your kitchen’s overall look. A timeless cabinet can experiment with a combo of classic and new style elements. If you want to incorporate some delicate yet undoubtedly practical designs into your kitchen, these shaker cabinets are the way to go!

3- Opt for Stone Counters

Stone counters are the best choice for kitchen and home remodeling. Not only do they make a statement with their visuals, but they are also practical and easy to clean. Stone counters are perfect for the ‘timeless’ kitchen theme as they need minimal maintenance, and their patterns help accentuate the surrounding space. Moreover, textures like wood, granite, or other types can get worn out, whereas stone counters are extremely durable against time, wear, and other stubborn stains. You will love the classy feel it brings to your kitchen while allowing you to stay practical. 

4- Choose Soft Backsplash Tiles

Soft backsplash tiles will allow your kitchen to pop and allow every added feature to shine without overpowering anything. Subway tiles are the perfect example of versatility, and if you choose soft colors, they can look even better. Overall, these tiles will complement the look of your kitchen. You can combine it with an under-mount sink and achieve an effortlessly sleek appearance. 

5- Keep Classic Hardware and Hardwood Flooring

Nickels, bronze, and other shiny knobs with a simple design will always be timeless. Keep your hardware classic, even if you keep the rest of the space modern and advanced. Small and simple touches allow you to achieve the perfect balance. Experiment with the paint or the themes, but keep the hardware as traditional as possible. 

Hardwood floors are easy to clean, making any space look rugged and flawless. Apart from appearing warm, hardwood floors can withstand much foot traffic. So not only will your floor look elegant, but it will also function practically. 

6- Practical Layout and Recessed Lighting

A practical layout or functional space can help you move across the kitchen easily. Making a space appear timeless doesn’t have to interfere with its layout. You can achieve this by working out a convenient path that doesn’t hold traffic, appears wide, and has an open space for the air and people to circulate.
Recessed lighting can allow you to keep the kitchen’s appeal while providing enough light to get the work done. It softens the light and adds an amazing touch to the kitchen. 

7- Choose Crown Trim

If you want to add a regal touch to the kitchen, crown trims and edges will go perfectly with the vision. Crown trims enhance the site’s look while protecting the wall edges from damage. These small details will add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen’s layout without making anything appear loud or brash. 

8- Add Personal Touches

A personalized kitchen is a well-loved kitchen. Customizing it based on your requirements and criteria is a great idea. From small picture frames to endearing fridge magnets and specific cutlery, every bit of accessory and design in your kitchen represents your taste. Use it to your advantage and add everything you love and want your kitchen to incorporate. 

9- Keep the Decor Minimalistic

Don’t hoard everything in your kitchen. Filling it to the brim or adding too many things to make it look better will do the opposite. So, keep your decor minimal and allow everything to occupy equal space in the kitchen. The briefer it is, the better it will look.

10- Use Durable Materials

Utilize reasonably priced but durable materials for renovating your kitchen. This doesn’t mean you go stingy or spend too much, but instead, set a budget and distribute it for the project accordingly. We are building a timeless and elegant kitchen, which can be perfectly done within a budget. 
If all this sounds too extensive, you can hire our experts to do the job! Our MV Construction and Painting professionals possess all the skills and tools to remodel your kitchen effectively. Contact us 239-692-4081 now and get a free quote!

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