Here’s How You Fix Cracks in Plaster Walls Before Painting

Touching up walls with paint is an easy job, right? Not if your walls are made of plaster, and they have cracks. For your paint job to go smoothly, you must fix any cracks and make the target area workable. But how do we ensure a proper drywall repair before painting? Easy! Refer to this helpful guide we have created for you. From the beginning to the final touches, we have gathered all you need to look out for when patching your plaster wall!

Step-by-Step Guide 

Gather Your Equipment and Supplies 

You will need to collect all the necessary equipment for repair and then proceed with the painting; some of the supplies you need will include:

  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Mixing tray
  • Brush and Sheets 
  • Damp Cloth for Cleaning 
  • Compound and Water 
  • Joint Compound
  • Primer 
  • Fiberglass Tape 

Assess the cracks at hand and measure their width and length. For smaller cracks, you can use a simpler method. For larger cracks, you will need a little more than usual. Therefore, before beginning the procedure, analyze the locations to be fixed to determine accurate strategies and usage. 

Precautions and Preparations

You need to cover the area you are planning to execute the procedure. Place sheets or cloths underneath the wall to catch stray spots and keep the surface clean. Then, place the painter’s tape to avoid exposing unnecessary areas to the process. This will make your location more targeted and allow you to work easily.
After you are done preparing, you need to mix only the needed amount of compound. Place it on the area and smooth it out to merge it with the wall. Remember, don’t mix the compound in excess, as it has to be spread to work properly. The entire process will be affected if you slather on more than needed. 

Measure and Patch the Cracks

You would not need to dilute the paste for smaller areas and can place the compound on the wall directly. But you need to add water to the compound for larger cracks to spread the paste further and help it solidify better. You will also need to push in a bit of mesh tape to help it hold its own. Once the cracks have been filled, you need to sand the solution to help it dry and seal and then clean it for the paint application with a gentle and damp cloth. 

Prime The Applied Cracks 

. Congratulations, you are done with the most difficult part of the drywall repair. After filling and sealing the cracks, all that’s left to do is prime them. Applying a useful coat of primer can help the paint adjust better and merge well with the patched area. Once the patching and priming have been done, we will leave the targeted wall for a while to let the procedure take its full effect. A duration of 24 to 42 hours is considered suitable enough for the wall. After the mentioned duration, you can start with the final inspection and painting. 

Inspect the Wall 

This is where you need to pay extra attention. Inspect the areas you worked on to see if anything is amiss. Sometimes, the lack or excess of moisture may tamper the overall patching procedure, or the wall might need more sanding. Considering the effort we’ve put into drywall repair, this last inspection will be done to judge with scrutiny and find any flaws. As we won’t have another chance, it’s necessary to ensure that the fixing phase is out of our way before we complete it with painting. 

Put on The Paint 

You need to consider the base paint of the wall and the compound application before you choose a suitable color. Ensure the result involves the entire wall displaying a merged effect. You can finish your work earlier than expected with the smoothest surface to work on. Upon choosing a lighter or darker color, your targeted area may seem prominent and stand out unpleasantly, so be careful to choose a paint and decide whether double coating your way through it will help. 
Instead of exerting, save yourself the hassle and hire the drywall repair experts at MV Construction and Painting. Our experts possess the best skills and techniques to help you fix cracks and make the walls look as good as new. Contact us (239) 692-4081 now and find out more!

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