6 Quick Tips To Remodel Your Home In 2024

Ever felt the itch for change, that moment when you look around your home and think, “It’s time for something new”? The year 2024 is all about redefining your living space, and we’ve got the insider’s guide on the hottest home remodeling trends that’ll make your jaw drop.

From tearing down walls to letting the light flow freely to crafting cozy outdoor nooks, we’re stepping into a space where your home awaits your personal touch. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through open concepts, energy-efficient upgrades, and the art of bringing the indoors outdoors.

Open Concept Living Spaces 

Let’s kick things off with the idea of tearing down walls, not to demolish your home but to create a more open and flowing living space. Imagine a setup where your kitchen seamlessly connects with the dining area, which, in turn, opens up to the living room. This shift from compartmentalized rooms to an open concept is like a breath of fresh air for your home. It not only makes the space feel larger and brighter but also fosters a sense of togetherness, making it perfect for families or those who love hosting gatherings.

Invest In Energy-Efficient Upgrades 

So, in this era of home renovations, everyone’s buzzing about energy-efficient upgrades, and here’s why you should get on board. Imagine swapping out those old, energy-guzzling bulbs for LED ones – not only do they light up your space like a boss, but they’re also like superheroes saving energy. 

And guess what? The same goes for those shiny new appliances in your kitchen. They’re not just there to make your cooking look like a Food Network show; they’re secretly helping you be the eco-warrior you didn’t know you were. So, as you dream up your home makeover, toss in some of these energy-efficient upgrades, not just because they’re trendy, but because they’re like a secret agent – stylish and smart about saving you money.

Cozy And Earthy Tones 

Imagine stepping into your living room, and it’s not just a space; it’s a warm, inviting hug waiting for you. That’s the magic of infusing cozy and earthy tones into your home remodel. Think of all your furniture and décor wrapped up in these comforting hues that turn your space into a place you just want to unwind in. And here’s a pro tip if you’re in Lincoln: connect with some awesome home remodeling contractors in Lincoln, NE who know their way around bringing these cozy vibes into your space.

Small Porches And Decks

Small porches and decks are having a moment in the home remodeling scene, and trust me, it’s a trend worth considering. Imagine a snug deck or a charming porch swing, turning your outdoor space into a retreat right at home. 

Whether you’re thinking of a chill porch swing or a compact deck for your BBQ shenanigans, these outdoor additions are all about turning your outdoor space into a cozy hangout spot. Professional remodeling contractors in Lincoln, NE at MV Construction Painting can help you achieve the makeover you are planning to give your house. They’ll turn your porch or deck vision into a reality.

Fluted Cabinets 

Imagine walking into your kitchen, and instead of the same old plain cabinets, you’re greeted with these chic vertical grooves giving your space a touch of elegance. It’s like adding a dash of tradition to your modern vibes, and everyone’s loving it. Fluted cabinets aren’t just about looking good (even though they nail that); they’re all about bringing in this cool texture and flair to your kitchen. It’s like having the latest fashion trend but for your home sweet home. 

So, when you’re cooking up plans for your kitchen remodel, don’t just focus on the gadgets – throw in some fluted cabinets too. They’re like the rockstars of kitchen design, stealing the show and turning your cooking space into a total head-turner. It’s not just a remodel; it’s a kitchen glow-up, and fluted cabinets are the secret sauce.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Now, let’s talk about bringing the living room experience outside. Outdoor spaces aren’t just for show; they’re about creating a retreat where you can Netflix under the sky or have a barbecue without being confined by walls. Imagine sinking into plush, cozy seats surrounded by nature, maybe with a fireplace to keep things toasty on cool nights, and why not toss in a small kitchen for the ultimate al fresco dining experience? So, as you’re sketching out your home makeover plans, don’t forget to extend the good vibes to the outside. Outdoor living rooms are the new cool – it’s like camping, but with all the comforts of home right there in your backyard.


In wrapping up this exciting journey through the latest trends in home remodeling for 2024, it’s clear that the key to transforming your living space lies in the thoughtful integration of these contemporary ideas. Whether it’s embracing the openness of open-concept living spaces, incorporating energy-efficient upgrades, infusing earthy tones for a warm ambiance, or extending your living room to the great outdoors, each element contributes to a home that reflects modern aesthetics and meets the needs of today’s lifestyle.

At MV Construction Painting, we understand the essence of these trends and strive to turn your home remodeling dreams into reality. Our expert team specializes in crafting spaces that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and sustainability. From small porches to high-tech smart home upgrades, we’re committed to providing top-notch services tailored to your unique vision.

Contact us for all your home remodeling needs in Lincoln, NE, and let’s embark on a journey to redefine your living space together.

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